Santa Cruz Half Marathon 2013

santacruz_large Back to Santa Cruz for my 3rd participation after running it in 2009 and 2010 finishing in 1:43:03 and 1:30:55 respectively. Since I have not run any race for almost 2 years, I was not hoping to repeat the 2010 finish time but I thought I could get close to 2009’s though 1:45 would have been great.

The weather today was perfect, mid 50s, blue sky, barely any wind. My run went well as I ran the first half at an average of 7:55/mile, had a bit more trouble in the hilly section averaging 8:05/mile for 2 miles and finished strong once we were back on West Cliff Drive, as I was feeling very good, averaging 7:35/mile for the last 4 miles. I even beat my 2009 time finishing in 1:42:31!

As usual, the race was well organized. They even closed West Cliff almost all the way to the finish line this year that making that section easier to run through the back of the 10K runners pack and a lot safer. I sure look forward running this race many more times.