Big Basin

Tall trees

Big Basin is a great little park in the Santa Cruz Mountain close to home. Alicia and I went for a hike there on Saturday. Great company, deep conversation, nice weather, pretty waterfalls, tall trees and a gorgeous view of the Ocean once you have reached the top.

View of the Ocean from the top

We did a 6 hour hike and ended up walking in the dark for the last mile or so. When we reached the parking lot, my car was the last one left ;).


2008: A Great Vintage

2008 ended yesterday on a great final note thanks to an awesome party organized by my friend Cyril at his place in San Francisco.

Cyril and David

I have many reasons to be grateful for this past year:

  • I finally set my mind on what I wanted to achieve and do going forward and things have aligned nicely so far to make it happen. The support of many of you through my wanderings and indecision definitely helped make that a better experience.
  • I started working in December for a great company that is aligned with my principles and that offers me great opportunities to grow and contribute. It has been going really well so far.
  • I got the opportunity to visit my family and friends in France for a very extensive 3 month stay during the summer.
  • I got many opportunities to learn new things and relearn old things, read great books, listen and learn from great people, think, grow and move along on the path to mastery.
  • I went on a 1 month ski road trip with my ski buddy Arnaud. We skied in California, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. Our stay in Jackson Hole at the last Ski bum hostel right at the bottom of the slopes was the definitive highlight.
  • I ran 2 marathons and 1 1/2 marathon achieving most of my race goals. Even better, I had a great time training for those.
  • I had a great time visiting Virginia’s landmarks. Especially, Jamestown and Williamsburg. The trip was made even better by the wonderful welcome of my friends Alpana and Bhavesh that hosted us while we were in the DC area. Washington DC is awesome in April. The Cherry Blossom 10 Mile run, while wet, was a great start to my running season.
  • I visited Italy for the first time with my longtime friend Mathieu. It was just awesome to see cities like Pompeii and Rome.
  • I am independent financially and mentally.
  • I have no health issues.
  • And last but not least, I have a great group of friends that supported me all along this year :).

The best thing about that is that I am looking for an even better year 2009 :).

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!