Gorgeous Views from the top of Mt Tamalpais

Alicia read that the Mt Tamalpais watershed waterfalls were in full swing after the heavy rain we have been getting (wet runs anyone?) so we decide to go and check it out since we have not been to Marin since last year.


The waterfall were roaring for sure and it was nice to see. Still, the whole place was packed, a lot of people having read the same article, and the trail was looking more like a highway during rush hour than a quaint trail in the wood. Not exactly my favorite kind of hiking.


On the way there, we had drove past some beautiful rolling hills close to the top of the mount with gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean so we drove back there. Nobody around, lush green grass and the fresh air of the ocean. We ended up exploring a bit and taking some cool pictures.


We will be back soon for more.

CPA Society Scholarship


Tonight, Alicia was recognized by the CPA Society of Silicon Valley – San Jose chapter as a meriting accounting student and was awarded a scholarship. We were joined by her accounting professor at Foothill college, Dr. Seyedin, that nominated her to receive that award.

It is very nice to see Alicia’s dedication and hard work pay off and be recognized by her “future” peers.

Congratulations my love.

Thanks El Niño


A three day ski weekend with my friend Arnaud is the best way to enjoy the great Sierra snow that Kirkwood has to offer. And even if El Niño is bringing us tall servings of snow this year, we lucked out and found ourselves skiing during one of the best weekend of the season so far: 3-5 feet of fresh powder for us.

I had not skied for almost a year and my legs were done by the end of that trip. Hopefully, that is a good training for my incoming half marathon.

What are you thankful for?

That is the question my friend Susanne asked to each of her holiday party guests two weeks ago. To be exact, the real questions were:

What are you thankful for and what do you wish for?

These are great questions and gladly, most of the people played the game and provided thoughtful answers. When my turn came, I said I was thankful to have found my path, to do a work I love and be in the relationship I wanted. I also said I did not really wish for anything as I got everything I wanted. Though, after Susanne and Alicia’s teasing, I said I wished for speed.

While this is true, after some more reflection, I think there is something more important I am thankful for and I wish for:

  • I am thankful that I live at a time and a place that allowed me to acquire a great education, took away the vicissitudes of life and the requirement to fulfill basic needs (aka deficiency needs), gave me the freedom and leisure to ponder on my life and eventually discover what I wanted to do with it. I am thankful that I am free to decide I am NOT OK with a situation, and that I have all I need to change it.
  • I wish more people would realize that they too have that opportunity, that whatever they wish for, they are the one in charge, they can go for it and get it. Complaining about something does not make it better. Hard work, focus, and a positive, independent, and optimistic attitude will surely make a difference.

I realize this is a complex subject and everybody’s situation is unique. Sadly, a large percentage of the world population is not in the position to make that choice. Still, this applies to a lot of people that live in the “free world” and keep on waiting for someone else to fix their problems. I just wish they would take charge of their destiny.

Oh, and yes, I do wish for speed :).

Death Valley

Alicia and I got the great idea to visit Death Valley for the holidays. Seemed like the perfect time to visit the lowest, driest and hottest place in the US.


We thought it would be warmer than home during the day but nowhere near the scorching 120F of the summer days. And we were right!


People told us it would be cold at night but we thought it should be manageable and even maybe enjoyable. And we were wrong!


Still, we enjoyed many of the sights and we had a great time exploring.


Definitely worth another trip. Maybe during the late Spring or early Fall though.