Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve


Today was a gorgeous day with clear sunny sky so we decided to go explore another one of the open space preserves: The Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve.

Located on the ridge of the Santa Cruz Mountains, the preserve offers great viewpoints on both the Pacific coast on one side and the Peninsula on the other side.


The trail we followed took us through some ancient oaks (how ancient? not sure but they do look old and wise!) and along green luscious rolling hills. There were already some nice patches of wildflowers though it should be carpeted with flowers in a month or so.

We both liked the place a lot so we will be back soon for more.

Back to Rancho San Antonio

Today, we went back to Rancho San Antonio for a longer hike this time. Our ongoing goal is to reach the top of Black Mountain and come back(over 16 miles round trip) but this did not happen today as we had a late start. Still, we covered 12 miles in 5 hours.


We really like this trail and the further we get from the parking lot, the more serene and tranquil it becomes. We had the opportunity to spot some animals including a beautiful squirrel eating a nut avidly and several deers like the one in the following picture.


Next time, for sure, we will get to the top of Black Mountain…