Visiting San Diego

Hoping to find the sun and the heat in the midst of the coldest winter I ever experienced in California, we drove South to San Diego for 1 week.


On the program, the San Diego Zoo, Coronado Island, Balboa Park, and Mission Bay.

We had a great time at the zoo. It is the best one I have ever visited. We could not cover the whole park in one day but we managed to see all the animals we wanted to see.


Among many favorites, we really liked the abnormally hyper-active Koala, the playful Meerkats, and the snobbish but cool Zebra.


Balboa Park is a beautiful park with great museums. I highly recommend the Museum of Man that has great expositions on ancient American civilizations, ancient Egypt, and the evolution of man from origin to the future of genetic. I got to take a picture with some of our ancestors (or not).


We also visited the famous Coronado Island with the inevitable pictures in front of the Del.


Sequoia National Park


Last year, we visited the Redwood State Park of Prairie Creek to wander among the redwoods, tallest trees on Earth.


It is only natural to follow up this year by visiting Sequoia National Park to once more walk among the giant sequoias, largest trees on Earth.


Our campsite at the awesome Lodgepole campground was top notch. We had great weather throughout our stay and enjoyed long hikes in the shadow of the Sequoias and along the beautiful meadows.


Of course, we managed to get lost on our way to Alta Peak but it did not really matter since the scenery was very enjoyable.