A Long Weekend in London

Last weekend was my long time friend Rav (Saravjit)’s wedding in London. And since he had finally decided to marry MC, his long time French sweetheart, I could not anything but be there to watch a Brits give up his freedom to a Frenchie :-p.

Rav and I met while working at Intalio in 2000 or 2001. He joined our little football games soon after he joined the company and our little group of mostly Frenchies adopted him even though he insisted on sporting that tacky white jersey and making bad British jokes ( excuse the pleonasm).

Rav and David

Over the years, we have kept in touch through emails but we also had the opportunity to meet several times in California or when I visited London first in 2003 and then in 2006.

To sum up the long festivities, the wedding was a resounding success and I think everybody had a great time. We had events on Thursday night, Friday night and all day on Saturday. I wish I had seen MC and Rav a bit more but with so many guests and family, they surely did not have much time to spend with anybody really.

British National Library

Of course, I had plenty of time to go back to my favorite London location: The British Museum and its wonderful collections. As usual, I spent most of the time in the Enlightenment gallery and did a tour of the ancient civilisation galleries. I also got the opportunity to visit the new British National Library that has a great collection of precious books and documents including one of the copies of the Magna Carta. I really liked the new building. Definitely better looking than the French National Library… I have become fond of national libraries lately. I guess books and the knowledge they represent just make me happy!

The Library had also a small exposition on Darwin. That was definitely the highlight of the visit and got me very interested in reading more about the personage himself as well as some of his biggest supporters like Thomas Henry Huxley.

All in all, a nice trip and a great wedding.

And best wishes to the newlywed couple!